By Claire


Made in France.

Made to measure exclusive designs

Made specially for you

Every woman is unique.

Why wear the same as everyone else?

We look forward to seeing you

Exclusive designs By Claire.

Customize the cut and the style.

Add your personal touch.

Choose from our selection of exclusive and rare fabrics from the best European weavers.

We take your measures and make sure you receive your best outfit ever.

Why dress in the same, uniform, fashion as everyone else?

We are all different, long or short, size 38 or 48, and there is no reason why what fits my best friend will fit me just as well. Actually it does not and that is the reason why I end up having many clothes in my closet that I never wear!

I created By Claire because I wanted a place where I could find exactely the clothes I wanted, and where the quality level would be worth every cent of the price.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

By Claire will launch soon!

Sign up today to receive your personal invitation to our launch party on the 27th of August.

We have been working on designs, patterns and selecting the best fabrics for more than a year and we can’t wait to celebrate the real start of our venture.

We look forward to presenting you our unique concept, with a glass of Champagne of course!

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I have nothing to wear...

If you wish you knew how to select clothes enhancing your features and fitting your body type, we have the solution!

Book before end of september, and By Claire offers you a free and exclusive style consulting session. You may come with your best friend, and we will make sure that you have a great time.

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