Amazing fabrics

We only buy fabrics when we fall in love with them!

From classic suiting wool with incredible resistance to crease, to absolutely unique and colorful silks, we have no limit!

Made exclusively for you

  1. Select your style and add your personal touch
  2. Choose your fabrics and match the colors
  3. We sew your new garment to your measures


Our garments are produced at a privately owned atelier in France, with decades of experience in luxury fashion.

In house design

We develop our collection in our atelier next to Paris to make sure every woman will find an ideal style enhancing her natural features.

Why dress like everyone else?

We are all different, long or short, size 38 or 48, and there is no reason why what fits my best friend will fit me just as well.

I created By Claire because I wanted a place where women could create their clothes the way they like, with the right colours and the right fit, with a quality level justifying every cent of their price.

Perfect Fit

We promise that your new outfit will fit perfectly, and we guarantee it.

If for any reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, we simply refund your purchase.

Style Consulting

What is your ideal length, should you better wear red or navy blue, and how can you pair your new blazer with your existing clothes?…

No worry, our professional stylist will answer all your questions!

Lifelong Service

Tastes evolve over time, as well as our silhouettes… If you feel like changing buttons after some time, or your jacket needs a repair, an alteration, just come back and we will take care.

Now, and for as long as you want!

Permanent Collection

We develop our designs and own our patterns, we will always do.

In five years from now, we will have launched many new great pieces, but if you want to order the same trousers again, this will be absolutely possible too.

At By Claire, we make 430 different blazers from one base!

Our base models can be customized in so many ways, that we understand this can be overwhelming, and that it is not easy to select the style options that will exactely enhance your natural features in all the right places.

If you wish you could have professional  help to understand the styles or colours suiting you best, or if you are not sure what style is best for your body type, we invite you for a free style consulting session.

In 30 minutes, we will define your colours or your styles and our stylist will give you many tips to make sure that your next shopping session will be a lot more fun!

There is no obligation whatsoever, it is completely free and you do not have to buy anything from us.

Book your free style consulting session
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