made to measure suits and trousers for women in zürich

Why Tailor Made?

Because at By Claire, we want to make your life easier!


 Enjoy perfectly fitting clothes, whatever your size is,

Create your clothes the way you like, with your prefered colors and style,

Receive professional advice and guidance,  learn how to dress for your body type,

More time for you and what is important to you.

And because it really is a great feeling to put on a perfectly fitting outfit!

Either for a fitting or a for free style consulting, we look forward to meeting you.

Our Atelier in Zürich is open fridays and saturday and by appointment.

To ensure that you have our full attention, we recommend that you book an appointment either online or by calling us. Fill out the no-obligation booking form on our website, to see us in the Kuttelgasse, your home or office.

Book directly online

At By Claire, you can make more than 400 different blazers from one base and the same goes on for our skirts and trousers!

Customize everything, from style details to measurements, your new item will be unique.

Choose your fit, your length, your comfort for a perfectly fitting garment.

Depending on the occasion, choose among our unique fabrics or business classics, we have hundreds of references you can choose from.

We will sew your new outfit in France, and guarantee a perfect fit.

Perfect Fit

We promise that your new outfit will fit perfectly, and we guarantee it. If for any reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, we simply refund your purchase.

Style Consulting

What is your ideal length, should you better wear red or navy blue, and how can you pair your new blazer with your existing clothes?… No worry, our professional stylist will answer all your questions!

Lifelong Refitting

Tastes evolve over time, as well as our silhouettes… If you feel like changing buttons after some time, or your jacket needs a repair, an alteration, just come back and we will take care. Now, and for as long as you want!

Permanent Collection

We develop our designs and own our patterns, we will always do. In five years from now, we will have launched many new great pieces, but if you want to order the same trousers again, this will be absolutely possible too.